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KMUTT one of Thailand’s number 1 Research University in Science and Technology. With over 60 years in the making, KMUTT is now a fast growing community with over 15,000 students enrolled and 2,000 staffs under its belt. There are over 30 international programs with over 300 international students currently studying full-time at KMUTT and over 600 students exchange enrolled per year. 


The university consists of 4 different campuses all around Bangkok and its near vicinity. The main campus consists of 52 acre on the west side of Bangkok with over 11 faculties inside. 


KMUTT believes in producing graduates with Professionalism, Integrity and Pioneer spirits. The university can admitted that it is an entrepreneurial university with the knowledge to serve the society to create innovators of societal impacts. One of the main strategic movement of the future of KMUTT is to create a Learning Organisation with strong Science and Management skills towards being an e-University.


DD&DT, together with KMUTT as a foundation, truly believes that our graduates will be able to make a digital impact towards the society, industry and the country. 

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