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International Partnerships

International partnerships in education play a crucial role in fostering global collaboration, enriching academic experiences, and preparing students for a competitive global marketplace. These partnerships open doors for cross-cultural exchange, knowledge sharing, and collaborative research initiatives, creating a diverse and inclusive learning environment.


DigiPen Institute of Technology 


Our partnership with DigiPen Institute of Technology extends a unique opportunity to students seeking double degree programs. Within these programs, students have the option to enter either the Digital Design (DD) program or the Creative Technology (CT) program. The DD program encompasses degrees in Animation and Visual Effects as well as Game Design and Production, aligning closely with DigiPen’s BFA in Digital Art and Animation and BA in Game Design programs, respectively. On the other hand, the CT program offers degrees in Interactive Simulation and Game Engineering, which seamlessly integrate with DigiPen’s BS in Computer Science in Real-Time Interactive Simulation and BS in Computer Science and Game Design programs.Through this collaboration, students gain exposure to cutting-edge technologies, industry-standard practices, and hands-on experience, preparing them for successful careers in the dynamic fields of technology, gaming, and animation.


Tokyo University of Technology

In collaboration with Tokyo University of Technology (TUT), we facilitate student exchange programs that enable students to engage in practical training and research during the summer after completing their third year. This partnership provides a platform for students to explore diverse cultural perspectives, develop intercultural competencies, and broaden their academic horizons, contributing to their holistic personal and professional growth.


RUBIKA (France)

The Digital Design program at King's Mongkut University, in collaboration with DIDTC, has forged a strategic partnership through a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with RUBIKA in France, a prestigious institution renowned for its excellence in digital design and creative arts education. This partnership facilitates a student exchange program where students can enroll in courses at RUBIKA during either a semester or the summer. Credits earned from these courses can be transferred back to their program at King's Mongkut University. This initiative not only broadens the educational scope by incorporating international expertise and perspectives but also enhances the students' global exposure and professional competencies in digital design.

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