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game DESIGN AND production


At DD, our students can do it all. They can design, draw, paint, animate, model, texture, lighting, rigging, compositing, sound, direct, editing and the list can go on. The students will get to experience from the principles of traditional art on paper to the screen with 2D to 3D animation or even in game engine using current and future technology. Our animation students will create scenes, moving characters, relatable environment with focus of delivering stories. Our emphasis is places on giving the students the basis to creating a professional quality demo and/or a portfolio meeting industry standards.




game Design

& production

Consider living in the present, we are currently in a technological revolution. The world is moving so rapidly. Game is a big part of that. It is no longer just a mode of escape from reality but it is a new form of art, of sport, of education that is reaching into new senses of the society. This interactive experience is pushing boundaries bringing in more wealth to those that dare to create. 

Our students will get to focus on the design and production of video games, especially the ability to use Scripting Language. Learn how to design and create game prototypes using suitable game engines while also obtain basic skills and knowledge on different game genres. The fundamentals of learning about Game Design & Production to understand interactions that are useful, engaging and most importantly, fun. 

At DD, students will get to touch bases with psychology, communication and user experiences as they get to emerge themselves in creating prototype, tests and develop various genre of games that will be beneficial to them professionally.