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       DDDT Design and Technology Camp is now open for students who are interested in animation, game art and programming! In 5 days, you can develop your own animation and game together with other students from various background, compete and have the chance to win 10,000 baht.  Come join us now!!!

Date : 27 - 31 January 2021
Application Date : Now - 8th January 2021 
Venue : CB4, 8th Floor, KMUTT

Qualification and Requirement: 
1. HIGH SCHOOL M.5-M.6 / Grade 11-12 / YEAR 12-13 
2. Eager to learn and produce game or animation Have basic knowledge of Art and Design and/or Computer Programming
3.  Creative, Passionate and Entrepreneurial 
4. Able to converse well in English

Animation : upload 5 drawings 
Game Art : upload 5 drawings 
Programming : specify your programming skills

Remark : 

1.We required to have 500 baht security deposit on the first day which will be return to the students on the last day

2.The program reserve the right to change or modify the event should situations worsen.

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