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Please find the tentative schedule of the 2020 Admission below.

Students can choose the time period that is applicable to them. Please apply directly to the program by contacting the program through email or official line account for Active Recruitment. Students can, also, apply directly to the KMUTT online website through

step 1




Application Period

Announcement of

qualified candidates for the interview


Interview Date


Announcement of successful candidates

pre active

1 Nov - 16 Dec 20
18 Dec 20

20 Dec 20

23 Dec 20

active 1

1 Jan - 1 Feb 21
4 Feb 21

7 Feb 21

10 Feb 2021

active 2.1

15 Feb - 19 Apr 21

21 Apr 21

25 Apr 21

27 Apr 21


(ตามเวลาTCAS รอบ 4)


Application Period

Announcement of

qualified candidates for the interview


Interview Date


Announcement of successful candidates

tcas r.4

2 - 7 June 21

8 June 21

9 June 21

11 June 21




step 2






  • Recent 1-inch photograph

  • A copy of the citizen ID for a Thai applicant, or a copy of the passport for an international applicant.

  • A copy of official transcript of high school education (or its equivalent.)

  • A copy of high school certificate or its equivalent.

  • A confirmation letter from the applicant’s school for an applicant who is currently studying in his last semester.

  • An educational equivalent certificate issued by the Ministry of Education in Thailand for applicants who graduated from a high school abroad or an unaccredited international high school in Thailand.

  • A copy of house registration for Thai applicants only.

  • Copies of standard test reports as required by the specific application type such as: – Original score report of English proficiency (TOEFL / IELTS / TU-GET )

  • Copies of score report of Mathematics Standardized Test (specifically for type B – DD & DT)

  • Statement of purpose (specifically for DT)

  • Portfolio (specifically for DD)

For the complete admission process, students are required to have these documentations. 




English proficiency

In order to apply, students will need to have one of the English Proficiency score. The minimum requirement can be found below in the Standard Requirement (A). However, in some cases, students with scores that is lower than the standard level but have excellent portfolio(75% or above) or GPAX score(3.00 or above) , students can use the Students with Excellent Condition requirement (B) as a reference point. 

step 3

A) Standard Requirement

B) Students with Excellent Condition


High School minimum requirement 

In addition, students are to apply with a high school requirement. If they can provide a 5 or 7 semesters GPAX transcript provided by their high-school, students can use type A found below. However, they will need to have the minimum GPAX of 2.50 for DD and 2.75 for CT.  In other cases, students with GPAX that is lower than the Type A asking score or students who are applying with GED or its high school equivalent will need to have one of the Standard Mathematics
Test score in addition. The minimum requirement can be found below. 

step 4

A) GPAX from high school


B) Standard Test Score



Students will need to prepare a portfolio for the application as well as for the interview. For DD’s application process, students can send in a pdf file with their other documents to our official line account or our email address. After that, students are required to bring the original pieces to the interview day. For CT’s applicants, the students can also bring their activity portfolio on the interview day. 

step 5

Digital Design: Animation and Visual Effects Major (AV) 

Minimum of 10 pieces of drawings in both Traditional and Creative style


Digital Design: Game Design and Production (GDP) 

Game Analysis Essay on candidate’s selected game (500-1000 words estimate). The essay should include the overview of the game as well as in depth analysis on the game mechanic and game play.


Digital Technology: Interactive Simulation (IS) and

Game Engineering (GE) 

Candidate need to prepare a portfolio outlining the activities, awards, certificates that show student’s relevance and interests to the program. 

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